Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week of 6/30

We had 7 riders show up for the ride last week.  It was another fog and drizzle laden morning but it was a great ride.  Grant, a firefighter from  Florida joined us on the ride.  He was fast on the flats but hadn't ridden hills in years.  The Green Acre sprint has been a home run and it will stick. There was a photo finish last week with Eric Gutheinz taking the prize. 

21 days of rain in June, this after a great first week of the month.  Pretty depressing but it happens.  This Saturday, the 4th appears to be the first sign of brightness on in weeks.  We'll ride from the Bagel at 7:30 as usual.  Bill O'Brien is back from Italy as well.  

Keep thinking about the Lobster Century  at the end of the month!

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