Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello Sun!

I just got back from a good 80 minute spin. Great conditions this morning. It looks like the ride took place on sat with 4 attendees.  

Brad, Jason, and I did the Lobster Century.  It was incredible!  I was a bit nervous because I had ridden three hours once this year and it was back in April.  We started the ride off thinking we would go real slow for the first 50.  But after we started we settled in to a fast pace, leading the ride with  a club from Prince Edward Island.   I ran into my old boss from the Coastal Nordic Ski Club, Charlie, as well as his riding buddy from Yarmouth.  We also picked up Roberto, an engineering professor from Argentina, and developed into a pack of six.  We rode through Camden and then started off on the exact same Saturday Bagel route that we do.  We has a rest stop at Belmont corner and rode back to Rock.  

After the 50 mi rest stop legs were draggy but we got back into a nice groove.  The wind picked up riding down the PC Peninsula.  As we stopped at 75 mi we were surprised at how well we felt.  We picked up the pace riding back to Rockland and finished strong.  We ended up averaging 19.8 mph and all agreed that we could ride a lot faster.  It was a great confidence builder as well as a great bonding experience.  It was a positive energy event that raised money for BCM.  We are all fired up to get a group to do the Bar Harbor Century on 10/4.  Mark your calendar!

All of us have been consistent with the Saturday Bagel rides.  We all agreed that even though the ride is only 90 minutes long, it does a lot for overall conditioning.  We'll see you this Saturday at 7:30am.  

I'll be in Great Glen on 8/8.  

Have a good week.  If anyone is up for a 5:30am road or mountain bike ride this week send me an email.

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