Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/27 Ride Report

Great spin on a chilly but clear and beautiful Saturday morning. It looked at first like it might just be Alden and me with cold fingers, but we were joined by Morgan, Geoff, and Ken. Geoff continued on to the Common Ground Fair from Belmont, and Morgan flew up Moody Mountain like he was on a motorcycle.

I'm not sure if I'll make it out next Saturday, as I'm planning on doing the Cadillac Century on the Sunday:

Alden and Ken are thinking of doing the 100 miles. I've heard rumors of Jason perhaps making it? Brad?

Also, Morgan had an idea for a final fall Camden Enduro ride- something involving all the big hills in the area followed by cold beverages. More details from Morgan.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Ride on for 9/19

Way to go Jason Gallant!

It's been a hectic 6 weeks for me but things are starting to slow down.

We had a three man ride last weekend. Alden from Searsmont is sporting a new Cervelo Soloist and he's flying. Ken and I noticed a huge improvement with him.

Ride is on for Saturday (tomorrow) I assume Bill will be leading the charge as long as he doesn't stay in bed.

I'll be down in Bradbury for the 12 hour. Gabe F is also taking part in the race.

There was some chatter about the Bar H century not happening. It is happening on Oct. 4th. I'll be at a family reunion. I have missed most family holidays with my line of work as of late so I need to attend this one.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!