Sunday, March 7, 2010

Who would have thought?

Bill O riding this morning.

March 6th and great riding! I got out on the mountain bike on Tuesday this week. I was out on the roads for the first time. I was cruising down Molyneaux Road when Casey L. caught up with me on his single speed. We rode in the woods for a few minutes. 

Yesterday I rode behind Maine Sport for a loop. The conditions were great. There was frost in the ground which kept things firm. There was one small mud spot. If the weather stays dry the woods should be in good shape in a few weeks. 

Today, Bill O'Brien and I did a nice loop and decided to get the Saturday Bagel Rides going again. So, next Saturday, March 13th the rides will start. We will meet at the Bagel at 7:15am and leave at 7:30am. We plan on doing the same route as last year and plan to go with the same format. We were winded today, I'm thinking that the rides will be chill for several weeks. Let us know if you have any feedback for the ride formats this year.

Have a good week. If all goes well see you next Saturday!

Morgan and Bill

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  1. great to see some weather to ride in. I hope to be out soon but I am a bit of a wimp in the cold!