Sunday, June 14, 2009

6/13 Ride Report

We had nine riders ride take part in the Bagel ride yesterday morning.  The conditions were fantastic with warm sunshine and the smell of summer.  We rode at a decent pace and I noticed that everyone is getting stronger as the season progresses.  Yesterday was the first time that we had a sprint zone out on Green Acre Road.  After a bit of confusion on where the line was, Bill O'brien stormed away from the field to win the sprint.  Bill will be away for the next two weeks, cycling with a bunch of friends in Italy, I need to become a teacher.

On the Moody Mountain climb, Eric Gutheinz was king of the mountain as he accelerated up the long climb with ease.  Eric has been getting stronger on the climb every week.  The altitude background is kicking in.

Ken Foster has suggested getting some photos of the ride and Gabe Finkelstein happened to bring his camera yesterday, thanks Gabe!  So I set up this blog as a better way to communicate.  Give me your input on the name.  Also, does anyone want to see any more rides or should we keep it as a casual Saturday morning cruise?   Let Bill and myself know if you have any suggestions / feedback etc.  I'd love to get a midweek morning mountain bike on the schedule as well. 

Let's keep trying to grow this ride!  We had two riders come from the Belfast Club yesterday which was great.  We are on again for next Saturday morning for the ride at 7:30 am from the Camden Bagel.

Have a good week! 


  1. Great idea Morgan for this blog and the pictures are great!. If your organization around this ride is any indicator, you'll be a great Selectman. It was great to see Mike Hartley out there for the first part of the ride - and speaking of Mike, remember everyone that he has a great ride out of Maine Sport on Wednesday nights at 5:30 (pm). Have a great week everyone!

  2. Great to hear about the ride, the blog should be a great way to keep up on what is going on (and the pictures are very cool too)
    sorry to have missed the ride and on top of that I will miss next weekend too becouse of the Trek Across Maine.I will come back strong and looking for some KOM points!!!
    Keep up the great work Morgan you are doing a great job of organizing this!!!

  3. Ten - there were ten of us. Just because Gabe was behind the camera doesn't mean he wasn't on the ride. As I remember it he was the provocateur on the lead up to Moody Mtn. Great ride all the ride remains fun which is what it's all about! And for those heading to T.A.M. have a great ride. And for Hartley who will be supporting all those folks on the ride - thanks.