Monday, August 10, 2009

August 8th ride

We had a great group of 9 cyclists for the Saturday ride. The race up Moody Mountain was epic with Gabe pipping Eric at the line after the latter bridged up from behind. Dana flew up the hill as well.

Alden recorded some data from his on board GPS:

Save Sunday, October 4th for the Cadillac Challenge Century:

See you out on the road!


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  1. I also want to mention the Tour Du Farms
    on Sunday, August 23, this is not a competitive ride at all but it is a great route and a lot of fun, and after there is a great feast of food prepared by the farm!! This is a nice time for the wife and kids to explore some of the farm and take a wagon ride and listen to some folk music while they wait for you. side note this farm has pigs a chickens and a few other animals but a little less then "I" expected